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ATI Community Health Proctored Exam Questions with Answers ( 60 Q&A)


1. A nurse is working in a shelter following a disaster. Which of the following is the priority action for the nurse to take?
(A):Address the physical needs of clients.
(B):Create diversionary activities for children.
(C):Help clients gather needed supplies.
(D):Explore feelings the clients are experiencing.
2. A client who has diabetes mellitus asks a home health nurse to help her adapt some of her traditional cultural foods to fit her meal plan. Which of the following Is the first action the nurse should take when assisting this client?
(A):Use cookbooks to Include traditional foods in meal plans.
(B):Observe the client during preparation of traditional foods,
(C):provide the client with printed recipes.
(D):Explain the diabetes exchange list.
3. A school nurse is implementing health screenings. Which of the following assessment findings should the nurse recognize as the highest priority?
(A):A child who has nits
(B):An adolescent who has scoliosis
(C):A child who has a BMI of 18
(D):An adolescent who has psoriasis
4. A 35-year-old client who has a diagnosis of tuberculosis informs the providers office that she Is unable to pay for the treatment. Which of the following actions by the nurse will facilitate obtaining appropriate treatment?
(A):Arrange for medication through local agencies.
(B):Send the client to the nearest facility for further evaluation.
(C):Explore options for alternative therapies.
(D):Help the client apply for Medicare.
5. A nurse Is providing education to a group of adolescents who are pregnant and attending high school. Which of the following Information should the nurse Include In the teaching?
(A):Caffeinated beverages should be replaced with caffeine-free beverages.
(B):The need for supplemental folic acid is greatest during the third trimester.
(C):The incidence of high birth weight infants is higher in adolescent pregnancy.
(D):Pregnant adolescents need to gain less weight than adult mothers.
6. A nurse is caring for a client who is having difficulty performing activities of daily living. The nurse is functioning in which of the following roles when arranging for an occupational therapist to visit the client?
(C):Nurse consultant
(D):Case manager
7. A home health nurse is scheduled for a first-time visit to a client. Which of the following should the nurse perform first?
(A):Mental status examination
(B):Review of the neighborhood
(C):Blood pressure screening
(D):Family history
8. A nurse at a community clinic is preparing an educational guide about cultural variances in expression of pain. Which of the following Information should the nurse include?
(A):Native American cultural practices include being outspoken about pain.
(B):Chinese cultural practices Include enduring pain to prevent family dishonor.
(C):Puerto Rican cultural practices include the view that outspoken expressions of pain are shameful,
(D):Middle Eastern cultural practices include hiding pain from close family members

9. A nurse is counseling a client who is to undergo enzyme linked Immunosorbent assay testing for HIV. Which of the following information should the nurse Include?
(A):A positive result requires initiating Immunoglobulin administration.
(B):ED The test measures antibodies to the virus
(C):The test monitors progression of the

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