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Hello everyone,

In this extensive document (123 pages):

- I have summarized all lecture slides in a clear and systematized way (Lectures 1-7)
- I have summarized the most important things of what the lecturer has been talking about during the lectures (Lectures 1-7)
- I have summarized all mandatory articles (Week 1-7)
- I have summarized the most important aspects discussed during the Q&A sessions AND the Tutorials
- I have highlighted the most important concepts and ideas

The SUMMARY includes everything you need for the exam!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Vladislav Dimitrov and I am a second-year IB student at the University of Groningen. I am highly motivated and diligent student who likes to study in an effective and systematised way. In order to achieve this goal I always prepare my summaries by myself and always study from them after completion. The fact that I had a GPA of 8.33 for the first year supports my diligence and the quality of the materials which I prepare.

My summaries are very detailed and the information is clearly, aesthetically and systematically summarised. In the summaries I always underline the most important concepts and ideas which makes them easier to read and memorise. When I prepare the summaries I always strictly follow the structure and layout of the original sources.

My aim is to share my notes with you in an attempt to help you better prepare for the exams in exchange for a nominal amount of money.

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