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Summary Comparative Country Studies Articles

This is a summary of all the articles for the course Comparative Country Studies for International Business at the University of Groningen (RUG).

The summary includes the articles for the presentations in Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.

The articles are the following:

Summary The Business Systems of the World's Leading 61 Economies by Wiit, Michael A. et al (2015).
Summary Managing competences in entrepreneurial technology firms by Casper, S. & Whitley, R. (2004)
Summary Comparing capitalisms: understanding institutional diversity and its implications by Jackson and Deeg (2008)
Summary Varieties of Capitalism Chapter 1: An Introduction to Varieties of Capitalism by Hall, P & Soskice (2001)

Summary National Innovation Systems—Analytical Concept and Development Tool by Lundvall, B-A. (2007)
Summary The determinants of national innovative capacity by Furman, J. L. Porter, M.E. Stern, S. (2002)
Summary Business systems and organizational capabilities: The institutional structuring of competitive competences by Whitley, (2007)
Summary National Systems of Biotechnology Innovation: Complex Interdependence in the Global System by Bartholomew (1997)

Summary The institutional environment for multinational investment by Henisz, W. J. (2000)
Summary The determinants of foreign direct investmentinto European transition economies by Bevan, A.A., & S. Estrin (2004)
Summary Which country matters? Institutional development and foreign affiliate performance by Chan, Isobe & Makino (2008)
Summary Distance Matters: Liability of Foreigness, Institutional Distance and Ownership Strategy by Eden, Lorraine, & Miller (2004).

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