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BTEC UNIT 7 brow and lash treatment

In dit document vindt je bijna alle vragen+antwoorden uit UNIT 7 BTEC11 versie 2015-2016 van de opleiding International Beauty Therapist / internationale opleiding voor allround schoonheidsspecialiste niveau 4.

Deze unit is beoordeeld met een M (8+) en alle opdrachten zijn goedgekeurd en nagekeken door 2 accesoren uit nederland en 1 uit de UK/Engeland

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Uitleg UNIT 7 (in engels!):

This unit is about providing eyelash/eyebrow tinting and eyebrow shaping treatments, which are essential, basic beauty therapy skills. In this unit you will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to provide eyelash and eyebrow treatments.

You will develop the practical ability to prepare for providing eyelash and eyebrow treatments, including preparing themselves, the client and work area, using suitable consultation techniques to identify treatment objectives and carrying out necessary tests.

You will also develop their practical ability to provide eyelash/eyebrow tinting and eyebrow treatments, while following safe and hygienic working practices. In addition, you will develop skills to provide aftercare advice to clients.

You will be taught about the skills involved in providing eyelash and eyebrow treatments, plus the associated knowledge including the structure, function, diseases and disorders of the skin and the chemical reaction which creates the tinting effect.

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