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Motivation Power Leadership Lecture Summary Last minute exam help

This is a short summary/ script of the lecture slides from Motivation Power Leadership from the year 2018.
It includes all the content of the slides in an overview structure, so that you have all the important aspects and theories covered in one page per lecture. It's great to have an overview or for desperate last minute study help! It helped me a lot to know which theory belongs where! You find all important definitions etc. It took me a long time to make it, but it was worth it to have a bigger picture!
In their lectures they referred to different readings of the reading list 2018. For a summary of all readings look at my other summaries that I offer. I also offer an extensive version of this summary with more elaborations and images for all important facts.
Lecture topics: 1) Introduction, Evolution 2) Leadership 3) Power 4) Leadership styles 5) Emotions and Pitfalls 6) Diversity and Leadership.
Good luck for your exam!

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