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Motivation Power Leadership 2018 Summary of all Readings

This is a summary of all readings from Motivation Power Leadership from the year 2018. Readings are divided by lectures and offer a good help if you don't want to read everything and a nice study preparation. Readings were always covered in the exams in the past years.
Important definitions are highlighted in the document so they are easier to learn.
For a summary of the lectures of 2018 look at my other summaries that I offer. I also offer a short version of this summary with only important facts that are good to learn for the exam (if you have little time to study).
Lecture topics: 1) Introduction, Evolution 2) Leadership 3) Power 4) Leadership styles 5) Emotions and Pitfalls 6) Diversity and Leadership.
The reading list of 2018 is depicted in the first 2 pages of the summary.
Good luck for your exam!

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